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random aaron lovers' Journal
20 most recent entries

Date:2004-08-09 10:09

I never made love to him... but I touched his ass, and none of you will ever get to do that

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Date:2003-12-08 16:06
Mood: gloomy

ooh aarbear.

am I the only one who remembers this?

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Date:2003-07-30 05:28
Mood: satisfied

Never before did I think Aaron would be so great in the sack! Bravo, Aaron! You hit a home run tonight!

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Date:2002-06-24 21:52

aaron rocks!

that is all.

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Date:2002-06-22 14:17
Mood: predatory

me and aaron dearest are giraffatigers together!! mewlick! we're gonna have cute little kids named funny things!

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Date:2002-06-12 02:55

Why did Aaron delete????

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Date:2002-05-07 20:31
Mood: hopeful

Once upon a time this journal had tons of dreams. its dreams died when its members left it.

i admit, i left it. and im sorry.

aaron is a special kid. he deserves to know this. so please tell me im not the only one interested in this aaron loving.

im going to try the whole poem thing... but guys- come on and lets try to make it a go again. ok if not then it will be a jen loves aaron community :) ok well on with the posting!

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Date:2002-04-28 21:33

personally i hate the fact that i left for a concert and came back and everyone was fighting eachother. furthermore i will not be used in anyone's arguments... i side with no one. i could care less that this little suprise was ruined, it was obviously the thought that counted. however, it defeats the entire purpose of being something for aaron and becomes about all of you and your squabbles instead. it's like school yard politics all over again, all interactions flecked with a twinge of surreality and self righteousness. it infuriates me that this ended up making aaron feel guilty for something that was not even remotely his fault and was designed to help him. all for the sake of your vanities no? F for effort, leave drama somewhere else and learn a little bit of maturity. i've washed my hands of any of this though i by no means hate anyone, but i by no means side with any arguments either because frankly i deal with enough superficiality at the highschool i am soon to depart [thank the good lord].

on that note here is what i propose: keep the community, use it as a forum for whatever, no necessarily just to glorify aaron even though he can by all means be a part of everything. but check your squabbles at the door. please, for the sanity of everyone.

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Date:2002-04-28 20:22
Mood: disappointed

i must say i am conflicted. i dont want this thing to die and at the same time it seems pointless to finish. i just dont want to leave this... i dont know.

to our two wonderful female members... whether ur reasoning was to make him happy or just because you cant keep a secret... it was sad. you have ruined so much more then you could know.

*sigh* ill decide tomorrow how im going to deal with this...

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Date:2002-04-28 17:51
Mood: crushed

i'm giving up on him.. i refuse to love him...

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Date:2002-04-28 17:23
Subject:I am in love!
Mood: ecstatic

i love you aaron! ooOOOooo this is such a great community! now this cute guy will know hes appreciated! hes adorable.. hes cute... hes sweet... funnny... kind... hot.....smart... hes everything we could ever want and more! :) you are loved aaron!

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Date:2002-04-28 13:18
Mood: curious

well at first i was mad, now im sad/disappointed and well i guess a little pleased that aaron liked it.. but the question on my mind is- what are we going to do now? i mean wont it be sorta weird to do the list/poem with him watching? i dont know where we are going from here.. i would love to talk with everyone about this... what can we do? okeydokey :)

and i still, as always, love aaron :)

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Date:2002-04-28 14:29

littleannapanna: http://www.livejournal.com/users/aaronland
dogcowguy: *chin hits the floor*
littleannapanna: good?
dogcowguy: *shocked*
littleannapanna: *cuddle*
littleannapanna: see we all love you
littleannapanna: u weren't expected that were u hun
dogcowguy: *shakes head silently shocked*
littleannapanna: *hugs*
littleannapanna: its good innit
littleannapanna: we want u to stay
littleannapanna: if u go......
littleannapanna: please don't go
dogcowguy: ... i'll try not to.

bless him!!

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Date:2002-04-28 11:23
Mood: worried

User: idigital
Date: 2002-04-28 09:45
Subject: The end...?
Security: Public
Mood: depressed
Music: Samuel Barber - Adaggio For Strings (Platoon Theme)

I'm getting rid of my cable modem. No, I'm not fucking about, and yes, it really is going. That is all...

time to tell aaron?? me thinks so.......

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Date:2002-04-27 16:34
Mood: amused

another reason to love aaron. his great (read sarcasm) advice:

SillygrrrL84: my toe has cuts in it
dogcowguy: how did you get the cuts?
SillygrrrL84: i tried to kick the dog and kicked the door instead
dogcowguy: both outcomes would've been bad.
SillygrrrL84: no
SillygrrrL84: i was showing the dog who is boss
SillygrrrL84: me
dogcowguy: well i can tell you now that kicking your dog is NOT the answer
dogcowguy: there IS however a guarenteed way to teach your dog...
SillygrrrL84: i hate my dog.. hate hate hare
dogcowguy: ... act like a "boss" dog would...
SillygrrrL84: hate even
dogcowguy: ... (this is gonna sound weird, but it works)...
dogcowguy: ... mount your dog.
SillygrrrL84: omg
dogcowguy: ... dont' DO anything to your dog!
dogcowguy: haha
dogcowguy: hell no
SillygrrrL84: shut up!
SillygrrrL84: shut up!
dogcowguy: i'm serious
SillygrrrL84: eww
dogcowguy: i've read dog psychology books
dogcowguy: all you gotta do is like "hug" your dog
dogcowguy: don't DO anything to it!

and now back to a more.. normal conversation

hehe i just figured u guys would enjoy aarons weirdness as much as i do :)

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Date:2002-04-27 16:02
Subject:i wanna join in!
Mood: rushed

ok well i wanna join in

what bout the way he always knows the URL of the website ur looking for
if u can't mend ur computer, he always knows how to
it always explains things so well and so carefully

hows that, don't have time to think up more, but that makes it 23!! yay and i'll try add more later!

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Date:2002-04-25 22:47
Subject:i did my own top ten list:) great idea sillygrrrl84!
Mood: energetic

top ten lists! yeaaaaaaah!!!!

1. he really *is* careless with his tongue.
2. he'll always give me a hug if i need one
3. he can fix anything, and does.
4. he has the super power that makes anyone instantly love weezer.
5. he'll leave unadopted radio on all night if i'm listening to it.
6. he's way too smart for his own good.
7. if a teacher gives me a hard time, and i mention it, he'll offer to injure them:) [graaaarr mr poley!]
8. he can put up with my crazy antics, something most people can't do.
9. when i *jab* him he'll *tickle* me.
10. he drinks tea! how is that not adorable?!?!!

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Date:2002-04-25 15:36

well lets see... i have managed to (politely) ask three ppl about this community and all three joined.. so yay :). im not good at pictures or at poetry or anything awesome so ill think ill make a list of ten things i really love about aaron

1.How he keeps answering all my computer questions even after the 20th one
2.when he speaks computer to me
3.how he makes me smile when im just annoyed enough to smack someone
4.how proud he was about his refried paper, even though he didnt want to admit it
5.how he responds to my im's even after he has a "ive gone to bed" away message up for half an hour
6.how cute his accent it
7.his 20 pictures on his website that all have titles such as "scary face" and "weird face"... when i cant see the difference
8.how he refused to respond to "sexy" hehe
9.his carelessness with his tongue
10.his *cuddle*s :)

i love aaron :)

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Date:2002-04-24 23:03

I haven't known Aaron very long but he's sweet, and nice, and he just came upon my journal and was nice to me. And I took him to see the Cooper Temple Clause last night and I gave him a free ticket and he was happy :) And this thing is the sweetest idea in the whole wide world :)

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Date:2002-04-22 23:09

okay everyone... i'm going crazy. we have to get something figured out soon because i want aaron to see this. i think what we have here says a lot about how we feel about him, so let's go through with the id card/banner idea of anabela's and then when that's done declare our aaron addiction to the world. i'm horrible at keeping secrets so the fact that i've lasted this long should not give you all piece of mind. ^__-

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